Drowning In Large Loan Debts? Looking For Bad Credit Loans or Debt Consolidation? We Have A Lifeline For You…

Looking for Bad Credit Loans of £8000 to £10000 (or more) to help you get out of debt? Have you been struggling to pay all your creditors? Perhaps you need a loan alternative?

We could help. Call Us or Fill In the Form to see if we can help you get out of debt.

*Debts of under £6000 do not qualify

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Large Loan Debt

Looking For A Bad Credit Loan, to help get you out of debt?

We understand that you may have bad credit and are looking for a bad credit loan to help pay off other loans and bills. Have you thought about not taking on any more debt? 

If your debt amount is becoming too much to cope with then perhaps it’s time to take control of your bad credit situation legally.

Instead of trying to apply for a bad credit loan consider the options available to you. If you are in serious debt then why not see if you can put a stop to your bad credit debt.

One of the options available is known as an IVA (individual voluntary agreement). If you were to qualify for an IVA you could put a stop to your debt situation. With an IVA (as it is a government backed scheme) a percentage of your debt could be written off (up to 85%). A fixed affordable monthly payment could be agreed and your creditors would stop chasing you.

We understand that this is a big step in controlling your bad credit and your debts, but once you have completed the IVA you are debt free.

We have helped many people just like you manage their bad credit, stopped them looking for more loans and got them back in control of their lives.

Qualification is based on you having debts and bad credit of over £6000, if you have debts below this amount there are other solutions available to you – click here. (many people look for £8000 loans or £10000 loans to help ‘buy’ their way out of debt, but often it is better to tackle your bad credit/debts head on?)

So assuming you have debts of this level and you feel comfortable to take control of your debt let’s see if you could qualify for an IVA…

One of friendly and experienced advisors will discuss your circumstances and debt levels first, then they will run checks with you to see if this is the best option.

If an IVA is the best option to help you get out of debt and put you back in control then it’s still your choice to move forward with it.

As it is legally binding you must keep up with your payments each month, but once you have completed your IVA , you get to start a fresh.

If you are ready let’s see if you qualify…

If you prefer the more personal touch why don’t you call one of our friendly, qualified advisors. They are fully trained on all areas of loan consolidation and have many years of helping people like you take control of their lives again.

Here’s our number – 01234 123 456

If you qualify we may be able to –  

  • Freeze all interest & charges
  • Get up to 85% of your debt written off
  • Legally Cease Creditors Chasing For Payments

Take control of your debt situation today. If you qualify then we can take immediate action for you and we will guide you on how we do this as soon as we confirm your eligibility.