Become Debt Free With An IVA… If You Owe Over £6K or More Then This Might be Just What You are Looking For!

We Are Large Debt Specialists & May Be Able to Legally Cease Creditors Chasing For Payments & Freeze All Interest & Charges Now. Speak to one of friendly team now..

*Debts of under £6000 do not qualify

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IVA Advice

What is an IVA and what can it do to help me take control of my life again?

An IVA is an agreement that is made with your creditors to pay off your debts over a set period of time and is one option you can use to pay off your debts. It is a formal, legal debt solution. This means it is approved by the court and your creditors have to stick to it.

An IVA is a form of insolvency but it is different from bankruptcy.

An IVA must be set up by a qualified person, called an insolvency practitioner. This will be a lawyer or accountant. The insolvency practitioner will charge a fee for the IVA.

The insolvency practitioner deals with your creditors throughout the life of the IVA.

Pro’s & Cons of an IVA

What are the pro’s of an IVA?

● Ring fence and protect any property or assets
● Freeze interest and charges from your creditors
● Ceases any legal action
● Government backed scheme
● Legally stops creditor contact (no more threatening letters or calls)
● No set up fees, no management fees
● Up to 85% of your debts written off

But what are the con’s?

If you are homeowner you will be asked to remortgage your property at month 54
If you come in to any money or your circumstances improve the extra income is expected to be paid to the IVA
You cannot cancel an IVA it is legally binding
If you don’t keep up your IVA it could lead to bankruptcy
Secured debt is not included

So assuming you are confident that you can stick to the IVA and that you owe over £6000,
lets see if you qualify and get you back in control